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Miniature Menus Display Stand

Miniature Menus

Your complete marketing promo piece. The most effective and affordable way to attract the travelling public to your business.

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How 'Miniature Menus' will Benefit Your Business

  • Guaranteed Response - they work
  • People Prefer Miniature Menus - 5 times to 1 over the Large Brochure Displays
  • We drive customers right to your door - Map on every card
  • Preferred by Hotel Staff & Concierge - Convenience to Customer - size & map
  • Top of Mind - Visibly located in Hotel Lobby- where they are making decisions
  • Exposure - 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Highly Targeted Advertising - Travellers
  • Displays are fully stocked year round - Unlimited number of cards
  • Complete Program - Design, Print & Distribution

Our goal is to take a load off your mind by looking after it all - from design to distribution we create convenient, attractive information cards with a focus quality, high class displays in select locations, professional designers, full colour process printing, and diligent program maintenance, we really do put quality over quantity.

Contact Miniature Menus now to find out how we can increase your exposure.

"It's one of the best, if not the best advertising ideas in this medium to come through our door."
- Bill Morrison, Owner, The Jammery, Winfield BC

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